We've had a lot of questions about our boots and when they'll be available.  We had originally planned (hoped) for a fall 2013 release, but to be honest, we're not quite ready yet.  It's taken a lot of time and figuring to prototype, test, and manufacture a shoe that has the look, and more importantly, the comfort that we're going for.  We feel that we owe you, our loyal customers, a pair of boots that will be worth the hard earned money you spend on it.  We're still experimenting with stitch placement and other little details that might not seem like a big deal, but that can have a huge impact on how our boots feel and wear.

While we're not quite ready for your orders, we are currently working to fulfill a first offering order for our longest standing distributor in Japan.  Here are a few boot process shots from the shop yesterday afternoon.  Thanks for being such a good sport, Bill!


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  1. Boots! I am so excited about this. We don't really get boot weather in SoCal until February, maybe they'll be for sale by then... :)

  2. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE your boots!! I am still willing to be your test dummy with them! I tried the prototype on last year in the shop and fell in love! Please don't forget me Dave....I came in with my mom- my name is Linda & my mom is Pat- MJ &Maggie know us as the girls from Massachusetts. We have been long time customers and own MANY pairs of shoes. We were in the area last yr for Mackenzie-Childs sale but would not go past you without stopping in and buying something. That's when I saw those boots and tried them on...instant love!!
    Thanks yours always in Aurora Shoes

    Linda Nusum


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