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ku:nel (a premier Japanese lifestyle magazine), 2006

Yusuke Hanai

Kirtsy, 2011

Soule Mama, 2011, 2012

Plain T-shirt, 2012 

Etsy Feedback


  1. I've now owned my brown Middle English Auroras for 15 years; just over half of my life! They continue to be my go-to shoes in the fall/winter for nice-but-casual occasions and I've also since bought a pair in black. Just wanted to post a compliment about the quality of your shoes for anyone who might be debating over the cost. I typically don't spend this much on shoes, but given that I still wear them after all these years and receive compliments on them from people of all ages, as the good quality and simple yet attractive design remain obvious despite all their years of wear and prevent them from being a shoe that goes out of style, Auroras are a bargain buy! :-)

  2. Years ago a dear friend told me if i was ever in aurora to stop in
    i happened to be there a few weeks ago, and i am so happy i did!
    Love my shoes!
    So thrilled to show them off to everyone
    happy feet!


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