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We knew our shoes were popular in Japan, but Dave was still a little surprised when he stumbled upon  this blog post by Japanese designer, Yusuke Hanai.  Intrigued, Dave contacted Yusuke and traded him a pair of shoes for a few sketches.  Here's what Yusuke sent.  Fun, right?

When we contacted Yusuki to get permission for this post, he graciously allowed us to also share these photos from his wedding.  Did you see his feet?  Apparently Bill is not the only guy who likes to pair his tuxedo with Auroras!
 We dig the look.  Do you?

Visit Yusuke Hanai's website and blog to see more of his work.   The blog is mostly in Japanese, but interesting photos and great illustrations need no translation.

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  1. Its really nice to see that your shoes are gaining popularity and wearing it in their wedding much be something to really feel proud about.. Hope it grows even more all the best for that..

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