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We are a small group of dedicated artisans who have been making shoes in our rural upstate, NY town since the early 1990s.  Our shoes are like our surroundings - beautiful in their simplicity and organic in their form.  

With a focus on comfort, durability and quality American materials, we are proud to create shoes that reflect your values and lifestyle.   

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  1. wow - i am so happy that you came to mind and that you are still in business! i had a pair of the open-toed aurora sandals way back in the 90's and i wore them to bits and pieces!! i was sentimentally remembering those handmade black sandals, when *pop* into my head came aurora - thanks for having your name right on the sole of the shoe. i am older and i've had babies, so my feet are a bit wider and bigger, so this time around, i'll do a trace of my feet.
    thanks for those great old shoes - i wore them faithfully for years - and i look forward to my next pair.


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