We were thrilled to be selected as a vendor at the exclusive NorthernGRADE menswear pop-up market.   The market features only 100% made in the USA menswear and seems like a perfect fit for our American (sourced and made) shoes. 

Dave and his wife Andrea will be heading out to Minneapolis for the market in mid September and they'd love to see you there. 

All images via NorthernGRADE.com.  Check out their list of vendors here


  1. I just read about your site on SouleMamma. I was intrigued, and come to find out you will be in my backyard-I am in St. Paul. Could I come by when your in Minneapolis and get you to trace my feet? Purchase the shoes then, and still get the discount shipping?

    1. Absolutely, Erika! We'd love to meet you in Minneapolis. Come on by the market and we'll take care of you.


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