A Harvest Supper

After months of discussion and a little bit of planning, Dave and his wife, Andrea, hosted a relaxed dinner party for a handful of like minded local friends.  We celebrated a highly anticipated wine release and talked about the challenges of running small businesses in our small, rural town (spotty and inconsistent internet coverage being the main complaint!).

While Dave and Andrea provided a lovely location and a perfectly retro playlist, we all brought food to share and collectively created a beautiful meal.

keeley's cheese co.
Keeley brought her delicious washed rind cheeses which were great on their own and amazing on top of our steaks during dinner.

Katie and Dan brought pickled beets and garlic scapes from their garden.

Dave grilled up some massive steaks

I brought salt potatoes tossed in garlic (thanks again, Maggie!), olive oil and local basil, and  sauteed collard greens from our weekly share at Early Morning Farm.

mackenzie childs

Dinner was simple and delicious.  But dessert was a chocolate lover's dream.

From the top...

Pain au chocolat (my favorite pastry of all time) made the right way by Keeley's husband, Alan, who apprenticed at a bakery in his native Ireland, and really ought to get one going here. 

He also whipped up some buttery raisin scones (my second all time favorite)...

And this decadent chocolate cake made with spelt flour and merlot! 

And to top it all off, Katie served up her grandmother's chocolate zucchini cake (you want this recipe).

king ferry winery treleaven And of course, a bottle of Treleaven Dry Rose was the perfect accompaniment to all of that chocolate.

Even the flowers were local! 

Dinners like these are such a great way to celebrate the season and all of the local goodness that comes with it.  With all of the hustle and bustle of daily life (running small businesses, managing small children, etc., etc, etc) it's nice to spend some time reconnecting with old friends and making a few new ones.  Especially when food and wine are involved!


  1. Looks like the perfect family lunch date! Traditional with all the delicious delicacies. Isn't it great to be away from technology sometimes?

  2. That looks so gorgeous! Love it! Would love to have dinner over there..

  3. We share the planning, labor, and harvest with our next door neighbor in our suburban neighborhood garden. Last fall we started having "Harvest Supper" which is as much fun to plan as it is to gather and eat! We invite all the family and friends that helped, dig, haul, plant, and water for us. We cozy-down in our neighbor's warm home which is lovely, but having grown up in the Finger Lakes, I am having some SERIOUS Barn-envy! Wow! (I will be sure to wear my Aurora shoes to Harvest Supper this November 9th!)


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