Leather Sandals, 16 Years Later...

Jessica S. shared this photo and message with us. 

I got these sandals as a graduation present... in 1996 (eek). I love these shoes & they're the only pair of shoes that have stuck by me in life. I finally admitted that it was time for a new pair to get me through th next 16 years. I'm not sure what to do with the old ones though - maybe I'll bronze them or pass them down to my grandchildren some day. These sandals have seen a lot of my life through the years & they're still around (and in really good shape for their age).

Thanks for sharing, Jessica.  16 years can hold a lot of  life.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride!


  1. How awesome! Seeing your shoes holding up for such a long time!
    I've been enjoying reading your blog today. I love that you are featuring businesses with good values. We have a small handmade business and love that people are appreciating handmade more and more these days.
    Love your shoes and your company, by the way!

    Love, Taryn

    1. Taryn,

      Thanks for the sweet comment. I love your blog and your wooden buttons. Can we feature your small business sometime soon?

  2. Hi mate, you got a nice blog and you have posted very well. And these leather sandal are looking classical but pretty cool.


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