Brown or Olive?

It can be hard to tell the difference between our brown and olive leather online.  To be honest, in certain lighting it can be hard to tell in person, too.  Where brown is a warm color, olive is cool.  It's the color of tree bark, and wet driftwood, very natural.  These photos feature our Middle English in Olive and they're the perfect neutral color for someone with an olive skin tone.  My friend, Jasmine Crowe is a nice example of this. 

Jasmine took time out of her busy totally relaxing lake vacation to model for me and I love the way we were able to quickly put together a very handmade (in the USA) outfit.  Homemade necklaces, handmade shoes, and a favorite Moop bag made in PA, accented with leather that passes through our shop. 

Moop Shop, PA  Aurora Shoe Co, NY

Moop Shop

Our Auroras are getting a lot of time in at the lake these days.  Where are your Auroras taking YOU?  Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram (#aurorashoes).


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