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Back in July we did some scrambling to get ready for a day-long interview and photo shoot with a local magazine.  The issue made it to stands this month and we're loving the way that journalist, Allison Sklaney, and photographer, Ellen Blalock took our raw material and turned it into a really nice story about who we are and what we do.  Locals might like to pick up a copy of Central New York Magazine: The Good Life, but for the rest of our friends around the globe, here are some shots from the article. 

Special thanks go out to a few local shops (Jane Morgan's Little House and Dinosaur Dry Goods) and a locally born designer (Vallarino Saltonstall) who contributed clothing and accessories, and to the three friends who agreed to take a day away from their regular jobs to model for us. 

Wells College, Jane Morgan's Little House, Haley Zabriskie

David Binns, Alyssa Binns Gunderson, shoe production

Talyse Hampton, Wells College, Jane Morgan's Little House

Moriah Early-Manchester, Vallarino Saltonstall, Dinosaur Dry Goods, Jane Morgan's Little House

Moriah Early-Manchester, Aurora, NY Jane Morgan's Little House, handmade in NY

small scale leather shoe production

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  1. I am excited to see your wonderful company getting such well deserved press. I do have a question though. In the article photographs, I saw low lace up boots. When I looked on the Web page, they were not available for order. Are they available for order?


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