Sqam, Fall 2012

Now that July is coming to an end, it's hard not to start thinking about September.  My oldest son is 5 and getting ready to start school and I'm getting ready to go back (after 9 years) to teaching.  Maybe we're totally crazy, but in the midst of all that, we're planning to attend the Squam Arts Fair as vendors on Saturday, September 15th. 

We're in great company...
spring squam lake

If you live in the New Hampshire area we'd love to meet you there!


Leather Sandals, 16 Years Later...

Jessica S. shared this photo and message with us. 

I got these sandals as a graduation present... in 1996 (eek). I love these shoes & they're the only pair of shoes that have stuck by me in life. I finally admitted that it was time for a new pair to get me through th next 16 years. I'm not sure what to do with the old ones though - maybe I'll bronze them or pass them down to my grandchildren some day. These sandals have seen a lot of my life through the years & they're still around (and in really good shape for their age).

Thanks for sharing, Jessica.  16 years can hold a lot of  life.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride!


Do you Pin?

Pinterest, like most new techie developments, can either be a great tool or a huge time suck.  I know that the whole concept is controversial, especially within the handmade community, so I'm wondering, do you use and support Pinterest?  If not, what is keeping you from taking part?

from my Style board, via bird bird

We've been on Pinterest for a while, but still feel like we're just experimenting and trying to figure it all out (you can find us here).   Do you have a board that we might like to know about?  I'd love to see what you're pinning, or hear why you're not.


Aurora Shoes in Ireland

We love sharing photos of our many pairs of shoes and their worldly adventures.  Here's our latest email from a happy customer who traveled to Ireland in Auroras.  I love the photos and wish that I could be transported to that beautiful garden right now.  A pint of Guinness wouldn't be half bad either...

I've been loving my shoes, and even taking pictures of them! I'm from Salt Lake City, and we just went to visit my grandparents in Ireland. I have three pictures

1. My auroras outside St. James's Gate of the Guinness store house in Dublin. I walked all over the store house and learned how to pour the perfect pint in my Auroras!

2. My Shoes by my grandma's garden in a small Irish town (Anascaul, Co. Kerry, Ireland). Her food is the best.

3. My Shoes in the Kitchen, where the food harvested from the garden is prepared and eaten! 

Thanks for making awesome shoes!


Thanks so much for sharing, Neel.  It looks like you had a great time!  Where have your Aurora Shoes taken YOU?

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