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While Dave and the rest of our staff are at the workshop cutting, stitching, and creating, my work (which hardly feels like work in comparison) usually takes place off site, wherever I can find a good comfy seat and an internet connection. 

The routine since September has been to drop my kids off (preschool and babysitter) at 9am and then choose a place to set up camp for the next few hours.  Sometimes I head to my in-laws' up the street, but more recently, I've been setting up shop in the dining hall at Wells College

It probably sounds like a strange place to go, but I have a history here.  It started with a year of classes post-graduation to earn a teaching certificate in 2002 and has since included 2 years of working in Student Life, and in the midst of all that, a wedding. 

So if you ever wonder what's inspiring my blog posts, you can imagine me sitting on an antique couch in the heart of this tiny college campus, sipping local coffee and surrounded by student artwork, young energy, and good memories. 

It's a great place to be.

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  1. Holy cow, looking at that picture of the dining hall makes me salivate. I so miss the bells ringing and automatically getting ready for dinner... And all the long discussions and "just one more cigarette"s and guests and drama... Wonderful discussions with wonderful people, and feeling like you can almost hear the voices and laughter of all the women who attended before me... Maybe that's why I visit so often in my dreams...


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