Middle English Style

We're slowly building a collection of photos so that we can update our website and create a small catalog.  Yesterday I called up a friend and we orchestrated an impromptu photo shoot with her handsome and willing husband.  Below is a small sampling of my favorites from the day.  The first few include a new pair of brown Middle English and the last was taken with his own comfy and well worn black pair. 

He's a natural in front of the camera which made my job so easy.  He's also great with kids which made the frequent interruptions from my little 4 year old "helper" a non-issue. 

I'm happy with the outtakes and even more thrilled with the shots that you didn't see.  

While we're talking style, do you have any favorite fashion blogs?  We used this men's fashion blog as inspiration for yesterday's shoot.  Who inspires your style? 


  1. I love your shots and love your inspiration! I am now a fan of yours on facebook!

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  3. So flattered! Thank you so much Aurora Shoe Company. Means more than you know.

  4. Thanks - we love the fashion inspriation but also the fact that his blog is so supportive and accessible - refreshing!


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