Neighbour Lookbook

Our friends at Neighbour in Vancouver have just shared their autumn/winter lookbook.  They always put together interesting looks and we were excited to spot this one which features our Middle English style. 


Middle English Style

We're slowly building a collection of photos so that we can update our website and create a small catalog.  Yesterday I called up a friend and we orchestrated an impromptu photo shoot with her handsome and willing husband.  Below is a small sampling of my favorites from the day.  The first few include a new pair of brown Middle English and the last was taken with his own comfy and well worn black pair. 

He's a natural in front of the camera which made my job so easy.  He's also great with kids which made the frequent interruptions from my little 4 year old "helper" a non-issue. 

I'm happy with the outtakes and even more thrilled with the shots that you didn't see.  

While we're talking style, do you have any favorite fashion blogs?  We used this men's fashion blog as inspiration for yesterday's shoot.  Who inspires your style? 


A Handmade Collection

Do you follow Kirtsy.com?  Founded by a few big name female bloggers, Kirtsy has recently become a collection of curated slideshows focused on art, design and interesting products, curated by some of the "most interesting people online".   Yesterday they posted our slideshow of fall inspired handmade goods.  It's a great collection of handmade items and I hope you'll check it out.    



Good morning.  This was my sunrise this morning - light pouring over the empty cornstalks.  It hasn't always been corn.  Before that it was soybeans and before that I can't remember, but this is our view for now.

And this was basically my view shortly after.  Remembering something I'd seen on Pinterest, I whipped up some pumpkin pie smoothies for breakfast (organic canned pumpkin, ripe banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger, buttermilk).  

My Pinterest account started as a way to give our shoes a style and a context, but it has become a fun and personal collection of images, recipes and ideas that I enjoy.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look.  If you do, look me up - we can follow eachother!

Leif didn't love his smoothie as much as I did, and asked for pumpkin pancakes instead.  I made a loose mental reference to this recipe and turned the remainder into pumpkin pancakes. 

What a delicious morning.  Happy Friday!

p.s.  If you're local and free tomorrow morning, come on over to the King Ferry Farmers' Market.  We'll be pressing cider and making donuts from 10-1.  The cider and donuts are free, and we just might put you to work!


A Walk in the Woods

Welcome to my favorite fall hiking spot.  We come here every year to pick up pretty leaves for wax pressing.  This year we left the leaves, but came for acorns instead (did you know that you can eat them?)  These acorns aren't for eating, but for planting.  It seems like a simple enough process, so we're going to give it a shot.  Maybe in about 75 years there will be some big and shady oaks to show for it.  Talk about an investment!

This little nut didn't fit in my basket...

(Baby's shirt is by the lovely and local Silk Oak)


A Fresh Perspective

It's been a couple of months since I first talked with Erin about capturing some images of our shoes.  Up until now, most of the photos you see on our blog and website have been taken by family members or myself.  Tired of trying to do it all, we reached out to Erin, who is a professional phtographer and self professed Aurora Shoe lover. 

 I've been waiting in quiet anticipation since then and was so happy to find a beautiful little package from Erin in my mailbox yesterday.   I won't even attempt to show you all of the great photos that we now have at our fingertips (you'll see them soon enough on our website, blog, etc.) but I'm happy to share a few of my favorites.

You can view more of Erin's photographic stylings at her professional site:  a love supreme.  Follow the blog link to see some really beautiful wedding shots - this wedding is my favorite, or maybe this one...  Ahh, why am I trying?  They're all lovely!

Thank you, Erin for bringing a fresh new perspective to our tried and true classics.  Readers, I'd love to know, how do you style your Aurora Shoes?


A Fine Fall Day

I've never been one to ask much from my birthdays.  I don't need special surprises or extraordinary events, just a nice day sprinkled with a few festive touches and I'm happy. 

Today is shaping up to be one of those simple and festive birthdays and I'm loving it.   After waking from 9 hours (!) of sleep, I started the day with these pumpkin pancakes (I followed Amanda's adjustments and added a few* of my own) and then left to pick apples with Leif's preschool class.  The sun was shining, the air was crisp and cool and we spent our morning enjoying fresh apples, donuts and cider at the Apple Station.

Locals might like to know that the Apple Station opened an attached winery in September.  I didn't sample any wines this morning, but it sounds like anyone who likes their wines fruity and sweet will especially love what they have to offer (think: apple blends and even one with blueberry).

Leif loved feeding the animals.  I know the sheep, but we were all wondering, is this an alpaca?

Now I'm off to tidy up the house in preparation for tonight's birthday dinner (don't worry, I'm not cooking that one).  Cheers! 

*I swapped the sour cream for plain, full fat yogurt and topped them with cream cheese, apple slices, toasted almonds and maple syrup.  YUM!  

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