Showing Shoes in New Hampshire

After a long trip including one break down on the Mass Pike, David and family have safely returned home from their first trade show in New Hampshire.  Actually, only Dave went to New Hampshire.  Andrea and the girls, along with my mom, spent the long weekend at my sister's in Rhode Island.  While the girls were taking walks to the beach and making yummy food, David was setting up and running this booth:

The booth looked great and we now have a few new retail shops carrying our shoes.  Back to business as usual in Aurora...


  1. GAAAAAAHHHHH I wish I knew this before!! I live in Boston and I need a new pair so bad!

  2. This show was only open to Retailers, Wholesalers, & Catalogs. We landed several new accounts in Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine. We are looking for the right place in the Boston area to carry our shoes, so please pass on any suggestions.

  3. Awesome write up! You seem to have great knowledge and grip over this industry.

    Love reading your blog! Keep the Good Work.



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