Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is a bit camera shy. Actually, a lot of our staff is camera shy. In their defense, they had no idea when they signed up for this gig that we'd be posting them all over the internet - well, not all over, but you know what we mean...

These are Cheryl's hands. Her legs can be seen below. You'll just have to imagine the rest.

Cheryl, like Bob, is another staff member whose interests lie in working with her hands. She's an avid crafter who spends her time away from Aurora Shoe creating art cards, designing penny rugs, making miniature art quilts and knitting (we didn't know about art cards or penny rugs before meeting Cheryl, either).

At the shop we love Cheryl because she's a fast learner. Having just started in August of this year, Cheryl has had a lot to learn. She's always ready to take on a new challenge and is even willing to pose for goofy photo shoots - she's the one on the left (not the angry elf, but the legs).

We don't really have this much snow in Aurora yet. Dave just likes to play with Photoshop.

We love having Cheryl around because she works hard and is very easy to get along with. She enjoys making Aurora Shoes because they give her one more opportunity to work with her own two hands. What more could a handmade shoe company ask for?

Check back to meet more of the personalities behind Aurora Shoes

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