Shine those Shoes up for Spring

If you're like us, you're finding yourself with muddy shoes more often than you'd like.  Next time you stoop to wipe the mud off, why not give them a quick polish too?  Regular polishing with natural oils keeps the leather in our shoes soft and supple and helps them to retain their shape and luster.  

Here's a quick before and after of my oldest pair of Aurora Shoes.  Can you believe I've been wearing these puppies since 1996?  After a long and snowy winter spent hibernating in my closet, these shoes were ready to come out and get some shoe shine love.
Darker, shinier and so much softer!

And who can shine their shoes without thinking about this Johnny Cash song?  Just try not to bounce while listening - impossible!


An All American Send Off

Dave departed for his month long trip to Japan on Saturday afternoon and arrived safely in Osaka this morning.  In true Binns family fashion, he was treated to a Friday night farewell dinner of pizza and wings.
We hear he was greeted in Osaka with sushi.
 images via Inventor Spot

I bet it wasn't Obama face sushi.  Now THAT would have been a warm (and totally hysterical) welcome!

Click on Journey to Japan in the sidebar to learn more about what Dave and his colleagues are up to on the other side of the world.


Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Dave's sister-in-law, Melissa shared these photos of herself wearing her Auroras while working on project at MacKenzie-Childs, a local business specializing in hand painted ceramics and home decor.  If you have never heard of MacKenzie-Childs, or have never seen it with your own eyes, then make the trip to Aurora and check it out.
As Melissa shares, these benches are being painted for a community arts and fundraising project called Benches on Parade.  The bench Melissa is working on will be used as a fundraiser at  the Equicenter in Rochester, NY.  The Equicenter is a volunteer based therapeutic horse center, benefiting people of all ages with disabilities and at-risk youth.  

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!  Where have YOUR Aurora Shoes taken YOU?


Check Us Out @ The Green Phone Booth

Sometimes you stumble upon something that makes you feel great and you want to share it. We found ourselves mentioned on a great eco-blog called The Green Phone Booth. Read their thoughts on why Aurora Shoes are worth buying here.

In a time where planned obsolescence is the norm, we take pride in making shoes in classic styles that last and that only feel better with age.

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