Our New York

It's funny how when you're travelling and you tell someone that you're from New York they automatically assume that you mean New York City. Sure, there are A LOT of people in NYC, but there is also a lot of real estate north of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  We're a full 5 hours north of the City and it would take another 5 hours to reach the Canadian border, so we're truly smack dab in the middle of New York State. 

Our New York is small, rural and just the way we like it.  It's a place full of open fields, wooded lots, ample lake views and plenty of vineyards.  Our neighbors are the kinds of folks who share their surplus garden harvests and who bring our dogs home when they've been hanging around on their porches for too long.  It's a wonderful place to raise a family, to grow a business and to settle in. 

Thanks for visiting. 

p.s.  Read more about Dave and his sweet girls.


  1. Thanks, Amanda. It's not ALL sunshine and rainbows, but there is a lot to love.

  2. Hello from Saranac Lake, New York! Gonna buy me a pair of Aurora shoes in a few weeks. Can't wait to tell folks I'm walking in New York shoes.


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