On the Business of American Made Goods

Have you noticed that there has been a new push to buy American made fashion?  It's a slow movement, but it's definitely gaining traction, with websites and blogs popping up to keep us posted on the latest developments and the hippest shops.  I've seen a rise in American bags, accessories, leather goods and American heritage brand boots, shoes and blue jeans.  
There are plenty of viewpoints about the merits of domestic vs. international production, and I'm not looking to get into that debate.  What I want to focus on is the intent of our consumption.  In general, I think that this Americana movement is a great sign that people are looking to support their local and national economy through thoughtful consumption.  Because really, thinking about our impact on the world and those around is is at the center of our morality. 

The thing is, everything of value has a cost and when we pay less for an item, someone else pays more. Poor working conditions, unfair pay, even slave labor are going on RIGHT NOW to bring American consumers cheap and expendable goods. 
It’s my opinion that American companies who use imported materials only go half way.  If you pride yourself on your American purchases, do your homework and find out where the materials are sourced as well. It’s a long chain of events and you deserve to know what you're really paying for.  


Reinvention by Maya Donenfeld

We're getting caught up in the local excitement and buzz surrounding Maya Donenfeld's first published book, and wanted to share (in case you hadn't heard) that she's got a couple of local launch parties coming up.  

Ithacamade (on State Street, in the old Bishop's building, between Mama Goose and Mimi's Attic) will be hosting a Gallery Night from 6-8 PM on Friday, May 4th.  Maya will be there to share the creations featured in the book and to chat and answer questions.

On May 5th, Maya will be at Ithacamade again from 1-3:30 to sell and sign copies.  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it would make a perfect Mother's Day gift for my crafty and artistic mom.  I've also got a crafty friend in mind, and of course, I'll need a copy for myself...

If you're not local, but want to get your hands on a copy, Reinvention is already in stock on Amazon.  With their crazy fast shipping, you could have the book in hand before I do!

Congratulations on making this book dream a reality, Maya.  We are so happy for you!


Self Improvement

I've been busy mothering and working on a website revamp*, but wanted to pop in and share the little online chat we had with Amanda Soule.  The giveaway is closed, but the content is as true and as current as it was over the weekend.  Take a look if you care to read more about who we are and what we've been up to.  

* We're working to have our new look ready by the end of April.  It's another in-house DIY with some help from a friend, so we'll be looking to get some feedback when it goes live.  The work of self improvement never ends...


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