The Aurora Shoe Company will be closed for Christmas and the New Year. During this time, Dave is happy to open the shop by appointment. See his contact information below.

Monday, December 21 - Friday, December 25
Thursday, December 31 - Friday, January 1

These are our normal shop hours. As always, Dave is happy to meet with you by appointment.

Monday - Friday
Noon - 4 PM


To schedule an appointment, contact Dave: info@aurorashoeco.com
shop: 315.364.7892 ........................cell: 315.237.1192


Where Have Your Aurora Shoes Taken YOU?

Island Woman
Elania McCartney shared these great photos from her trip to Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico.

See that cute little foot propped on the wheel well?

Open Some Days Closed Others. Now that's a relaxed lifestyle!

Thanks for sharing, Elania. You've got us wanting to hop a plane and escape this NY winter for a while!


Meet Maggie

Though she can be funny and sarcastic, when it comes to work, Maggie doesn't mess around.

Having worked at Aurora Shoe for about 10 years, Maggie knows nearly everything about our shoes and how to make them. She is an expert at one of our most dreaded and detailed steps and can be seen doing just that below.

See that look of concentration? Sewing triangles is tricky.

When she's not making shoes or fitting customers at the shop, Maggie is enjoying her "country quiet" and some of the simple pleasures this area affords. In her time away from Aurora Shoe, Maggie loves walking, drinking local wine and reading (hobbies that can work in combination, as you can see below).

Relaxing at Home - photo by Jessica S.

Yep, she wears her "15 or so" pairs of Aurora Shoes everywhere. She's also turned her family into proud Aurora Shoe wearers. That's some serious Aurora Shoe love!

We love Maggie's dedication, her attention to detail and her enthusiasm for our shoes. Maggie is serious about her work, but doesn't take herself too seriously and Aurora Shoe wouldn't be the same without her.

Check back to meet more of the personalities behind our shoes!


Looking for the Perfect Holiday Gift?

We've had a few inquiries about gift certificates and want you to know that if you're still searching for the perfect holiday gift, we've got you covered.

Aurora Shoe is now offering personalized gift certificates. Hand lettered onto insole shaped pieces of leather, they're unique and fun. Contact us by Friday, December 18th to receive your certificate by Christmas.


Check us Out @ Ped Shoes

We are happy to announce a special re-connection that we've recently made with Ped, an online retailer of European and American handmade shoes, boots, handbags, jewelry and other treasures.

Photo courtesy of pedshoes.com

Here's what Ped has to say about the products they carry:

At Ped, we don't chase fashion, and we don't follow trends. We choose styles we like and wear ourselves. The things we carry are timeless yet contemporary and are always handcrafted from the finest materials, often using centuries-old techniques that ensure items are of heirloom quality and can be passed from one generation to the next.

Here at Ped we talk about "price per wear". The shoes we carry will last a lifetime. They're literally handmade and can be worn and worn, and then worn some more. If and when they seem like they can go no further, a simple re-soling and treatment with a leather care product will give them new life.
Our unique relationship with Ped goes back to the early 1990s when both of our businesses were getting started. Ped Founder, Dayna Grubb discovered our shoes while running her first retail boutique in Seattle - we're proud to share that we were one of the first collections the store carried.

The relationship became personal when Dayna and MJ (the founder of Aurora Shoes, who is still with us) discovered that MJ and Dayna's life partner, Terry Stotz, had worked together at the local ski resort, Greek Peak. As MJ says, "The friendship was instant. Dayna is a great business woman, and they're just really nice people. We've always had a great relationship with them".

Photo courtesy of Pedshoes.com

We're so glad to be working with Ped again and hope that you'll check out the other fine handmade products they offer. As they say on their site, the styles at Ped only get better with time and they definitely have soul.


Off with Pointy Shoes!

We thought you might like to get a closer look at our angry little elf. His sign reads: On Strike! Off with Pointy Shoes. We couldn't agree more. Give those toes some wiggle room!


Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is a bit camera shy. Actually, a lot of our staff is camera shy. In their defense, they had no idea when they signed up for this gig that we'd be posting them all over the internet - well, not all over, but you know what we mean...

These are Cheryl's hands. Her legs can be seen below. You'll just have to imagine the rest.

Cheryl, like Bob, is another staff member whose interests lie in working with her hands. She's an avid crafter who spends her time away from Aurora Shoe creating art cards, designing penny rugs, making miniature art quilts and knitting (we didn't know about art cards or penny rugs before meeting Cheryl, either).

At the shop we love Cheryl because she's a fast learner. Having just started in August of this year, Cheryl has had a lot to learn. She's always ready to take on a new challenge and is even willing to pose for goofy photo shoots - she's the one on the left (not the angry elf, but the legs).

We don't really have this much snow in Aurora yet. Dave just likes to play with Photoshop.

We love having Cheryl around because she works hard and is very easy to get along with. She enjoys making Aurora Shoes because they give her one more opportunity to work with her own two hands. What more could a handmade shoe company ask for?

Check back to meet more of the personalities behind Aurora Shoes

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